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Starting the New Year Right

Hello World!  After we discovered at the Mill Valley Dog Park Tripawds Pawties that Cemil really enjoys going places and meeting people, it became my resolution to give him that pleasure more this year.

On Saturday, Jan 2nd, we headed up to the Sierra Foothills to visit Dawn and Raven and meet with their veterinarian for a quick checkup.  Cemil’s buddy Alle went along.  We had to drive right at the speed limit (or reasonably above) the whole way in order to make the appointment with Dr. Tom.  Dawn and Raven met us there and shared our group appointment.  Dr. Tom examined Cemil and x-rayed him, then examined Alle and Raven, then let us see the x-rays with him.  No lung mets!!!!!  He gave us a copy of the file to take to our vet in the Bay Area.

Then we went to Dawn and Raven’s house where Alle made herself comfortable on Betty’s bed after drinking all of Betty’s water, Betty got a little snack in her crate and Raven and Cemil joined Dawn and me in the kitchen for lunch. We had a wonderful pot luck meal and a bottle of Sierra Foothills wine.  And then, the highlight of the day (not counting the x-ray)–we got to meet Billy Bob the bobcat!  What a love.  Cemil didn’t get to go into the enclosure, but Billy Bob head-butted him through the fence.  It was a friendly gesture.  We also met all the other critters in Dawn’s care and got a tour of the farm.  Thank you Dawn for your wonderful hospitality!

Tired, we headed home right in the middle of some I-80 post-holiday traffic which delayed our homecoming until about 8 pm.  I wish I could say the day ended there–the “starting the year right” part did, but there’s more.  Dawn had given me some Rimadyl for Alle, and when I went in to post about Cemil’s good news, somebody got into the baggie. When I went into the kitchen a few minutes later, it was torn up on the floor– no tablets anywhere.  I suspected Radzi was the culprit and so after talking to Dawn and trying to make him vomit, we went to the emergency vet.  They were able to succeed in getting him to empty his stomach, but nobody (and three people checked) could see any evidence of the Rimadyl tablets.  Back home we went to get the other two suspects, Cemil and Mujde.  With their unpronounceable names, they became Chuck and Molly for that visit.  Neither of them produced any evidence of the Rimadyl tablets, so all three were treated as if they’d eaten all 10 and we got home at 2 am with six bottles of pills, two for each, and a prescription for two more.  This morning all seems to be normal except we’d like to have gotten a little more sleep.

So, added to Cemil’s list of favorite people are Dr Tom and his staff.  Next weekend we’re looking forward to another Northern California Tripawds Pawty at Mill Valley Dog Park, where there will no doubt be more people to meet, and favorites to greet.  And maybe, just maybe, the camera will be working!

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